The Jones Girls

Artist: The Jones Girls
Songs/Album: "You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else" (A Side)/ "Who Can I Run To"(B Side) - The Jones Girls
Year: 1979
Label: Philadelphia International Records
Location: Goodwill (North Hollywood)
Price: $1.99

I originally thought that Xscape sung Who Can I Run To but it turns out it was the The Jones Girls. The records caught my eye because I usually always grab covers of songs I like. Though this actually is the original and not a cover. But its "You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else" that makes me glad that I bought this records. Its got a funky guitar and bass line, it'll definitely have people dancin'. This was actually a popular song but I admit that I never heard it.

You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else (A Side)

Who Can I Run To (B Side)


Get the Funk Outta My Face!!!

Artist: Shug
Song/Album: Western Hills Funk 12" Single/ "86 the Madness"
Year: 1996
Label: Rush Associated Label Recordings (Nightstalker Records)
Location: Amoeba Records (Hollywood)
Price: $o.50

This is some straight up old school G-Funk west coast hip hop. Representing Tuscon, Shug sounds like a combination of Tupac and Ice Cube, he is definitely an artist to check for if you come across one of his records. Check some of his other songs on the album posted online.

Western Hills Funk
LP Version(A Side)

Nightstalker (B Side)


Bootsy's Rubber Band

Artist: Bootsy's Rubber Band
Album: This Boot Was Made For Fonk-N
Year: 1979
Label: Warner Bros.
Price: ??? (Less then $5)

Bootsy Collins is mostly recognized because of his rhinestoned outfits and animated voice, but Bootsy Collin is badass on the bass and deserves the attention and recognition that he gets. “This Boot Is Made for Fonk’n” is a great album, though not as successful as previous albums it still should be added to any P-Funk collection. With members of The Horny Horns providing the background and Bootsy on the bass this album definitely deserves a listen.

Oh Boy Gorl

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